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GCL to assist Tapi auditing their Service Charges

GCL are delighted to be assisting Tapi Carpets with their Service Charges, ensuring that budgets put in place by their Landlords and Managing Agents adhere to the RICS Service Professional Statement, are in line with their lease terms, but most importantly that they are fair and reasonable. As an occupier your Service Charges that are recharged to you by your Landlord are a substantial outgoing, and it is entirely fair and reasonable to ensure that they are correct. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you keep your property costs to a minimum, not just in relation to Service Charges, but all aspects of your leased estate including; Lease Consultancy/Management, Building Insurance Audit, New Sites and Planned and Reactive Maintenance . Contact Alex Stanhope at astanhope@gcllimited.com or call 07375 510586 for a no obligation conversation.

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