Service Charges and reasonableness!

Services charges are time consuming to review, they can be complex and the answer is not always black and white. The skill is being able to interpret reasonableness in the context of reality and the lease terms, in conjunction with the RICS Service Charge Code. That's why at GCL you wall always have someone with the right level of experience working with you to ensure you maximise the potential savings across your estate.


On behalf of our client Marston's, Tom Hitchin recently successfully negotiated an annual service charge reduction of £30,000 attributable to one-off major works not reasonably apportioned between occupiers. There was nothing in the lease to account for this, but we managed to negotiate a substantial reduction none the less.


Get in touch to see how we can help you keep your property costs to a minimum on all aspects of your leased estate including; Service Charge Audit, Lease Consultancy, Planned and Reactive Maintenance and Building Insurance Audit. Contact Alex Stanhope MRICS at or call 07375 510586 for a no obligation conversation.

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