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Tenant Services

Drawing from decades of experience in the commercial occupier sector, both client side and in private practice, GCL Tenant Services is able to provide specialist advice in a variety of occupier specific areas. We can help you fine tune your property function by focusing on cost reduction and maximising profit from your estate through acquisitions and disposals. Whether it's High Street Retail, Out of Town Retail or within the Food and Beverage sector we can help you to become leaner and more agile in response to the ever changing environment.

Lease Consultancy

With both client side and private sector experience we understand how it works from both sides of the table when it comes to lease renewals, rent reviews and lease re-structures. We also know how important it is to understand the drivers behind your landlord’s actions, and we believe it's this insight that gives us the edge when it comes to negotiating the best result for you. Whether you are looking to keep outgoings to a minimum by getting through a backlog of rent reviews or you are trying to right-size your estate though disposals or lease surrenders, we can advise on the best strategy and execute it decisively.

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Acquisitions Partner

Whether it’s a shop on a high street or retail park, a restaurant located in the hustle and bustle of a city centre or a bar in the late night pitch, we can help you find it. Our approach combines data driven information, including a particular location’s footfall, demographics and consumer spend, with a clear understanding of your vision for your brand. Our analysis and interpretation might take you somewhere you haven’t considered or down a more traditional path. Wherever you choose you can be sure that we are here to identify and advise on profitable sites, with the right terms at the right price.

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As the responsible person or company director you need to know that your statutory duties in relation to planned maintenance are being discharged in a timely manner. The consequences if you are found to be lacking are severe and we are here to mitigate potential disaster.

With our software partner and specialist knowledge, we can manage not only your planned maintenance, but also your reactive maintenance needs and we don’t simply add another layer of communication to slow the process down. We are able to put you in direct contact with local and national contractors, saving time and ensuring the maximum level of first time fixes within your specific required timescales, with a fully controllable approval structure.

Our outsourced virtual maintenance manager offers contractor management and review with KPIs assigned to each contractor and numerous levels of audit options with bespoke reporting. We are certain that we can save you money, not only on internal administration costs but also on your budgeted costs.

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Building Insurance Premiums

As this is often an area that gets overlooked with many potential hidden costs, auditing and challenging your premium is important. This ensures that you have the correct level of cover should the worst happen to your building, and identifies unreasonable costs or potential errors made when re-charging premiums back to occupiers.

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Asset Management

Capturing the relevant information and understanding how it can be leveraged is critical for your business. With a wealth of client side experience we are able to advise on and provide the information you need in order to make quick and sensible business decisions including the location of new sites, which lease events to capture and ensuring timely notification. Forward planning is equally important to keep on top of your estate, it is easy to miss key events if you don’t have the right data and resources in place at the right time.

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Service Charges

The process of analysing your annual service charge budgets, quarterly invoices, apportionments and year-end reconciliations to ensure that all costs have been applied correctly can be extremely time consuming. This process needs an eye for detail, coupled with the professional knowledge of how to read and interpret a commercial lease. We can provide advice on the best strategy to audit your service charge budgets and challenge any errors or unreasonable costs in a way that gets results.

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